Explanation of our referral partner program


Join our team of referral partners!

Do you love helping people reach their full pontential? So do we! These online series are all about helping people manage their bodies to avoid pain. We are passionate about empowering people to take care of their bodies, but we need your help to get the word out! We have designed a program where you can earn money for telling people about the series. 

Tell your friends and family

Can you think of people who would benefit from these programs? Why not earn some cash doing something you would do naturally? 

Promote on social media

Use your online presence to earn some extra cash. When you become a referral partner you will be able to generate links specific to you which you can promote on your social media channels. When people purchase a series through your link you get some cash!

Market to local physicians

Do you have relationships with physicians? Do you want to establish a continous stream of income from referrals? Become a referral partner and we will help you set up your referral sources so that you get paid for every series purchased from your physicians. 

Promote to existing health conscious networks

Are you already promoting health related products like oils, diets or supplements? If you or someone you know is already selling to a group of health conscious people, these online series make an easy add on to those products. Reap the benefits of an added product to sell to help people manage their health.